CBG Oil Benefits For Senior Pets

CBG Oil Benefits For Senior Pets

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For senior pets, CBG could help rebalance your pet’s appetite, digestion, joint health, and more. Learn how in our latest blog from Primal Pet Supplements!

Cannabigerol, better known as CBG, is one of many cannabinoids in hemp and cannabis plants. On its own, CBG has been shown to balance your pet’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which can be a great support to your senior pet’s overall health. Read on to learn about CBG and how it can specifically help your senior pet.

Benefits of CBG for Senior Pets

CBG could help rebalance appetite, digestion, joint health, and more for senior pets. No need to worry about dosing and figuring out how much or what to give your pet – our CBG oils are based on weight and color-coded. Current evidence suggests that continuous, daily cannabinoid support may be more effective than a single dose. As your pet ages, they may need more support and relief when necessary.

Understanding your pet’s needs and what health matter you’re trying to help support with CBG is important. Whether you are trying to boost your senior pet’s appetite or improve their joint health, CBG offers a variety of benefits that could give your pet the support they need as they age.

CBG & Urinary Tract Support

Evidence suggests that CBG can reduce bladder spasms. For older pets who may have a difficult time going to the bathroom or are newly prone to accidents, supplements containing CBG, like our Organic Hemp Oil or Feline Hemp Chewables, could be a huge help. CBG can help with bladder dysfunction by promoting a healthy inflammatory response and regulating muscle movement in the urinary system.

CBG Encourages Digestive Health

CBG also has the potential to support your pet through digestion troubles and improve appetite. CBG can adjust recovery time for damaged intestinal tissue and rebalance their ECS. CBG has also been shown to be an effective appetite stimulant, which may be beneficial for gastrointestinal issues that can cause a decrease in appetite.

Joint Stiffness Relief with CBG

CBG has antioxidant properties, so it can be potentially beneficial for joint conditions in pets Especially for pets that have a difficult time getting up and off the couch, in and out of the car, or have general mobility issues that are new in their older age, daily CBG supplementation may provide relief.

Learn more here about The Uses & Benefits of CBG.

Non-Drowsy CBG for Pets

CBG is non-drowsy, which is great for senior pets as they slow down with age. CBD can cause drowsiness, but CBG can help support your pet without slowing them down. They may find relief from digestion troubles and joint stiffness, and have a great time on walks, runs, and during playtime, all without feeling drowsy.

Try CBG for Your Senior Pet!

CBG supplements, like our Organic Hemp Oil and Feline Hemp Chewables, are a great, non-drowsy option for senior pets to help support their joints, digestion, and more. Ready to try the power of CBG for your pet? Primal supplements are available at a local pet store near you → Store Locator.

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