How CBD & CBG Can Help with Your Dog’s Socialization

How CBD & CBG Can Help with Your Dog’s Socialization

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Hemp oil and chews can help your dog keep calm during the next visit to the dog park or when meeting new people. Learn how our supplements can help you socialize your dog!

As pet parents, we’ve all been there. Your pup becomes anxious and shaky around people. Maybe doggy daycare drop-off is a chore and as a pet parent, you worry the whole time you’re away from your dog. Maybe a visit from friends leads to an excited, impromptu bathroom break on the floor.

Socialization for your dog is important, but sometimes you need a little help. Integrating CBD or CBG during your dog park visits or play group dates daily can help to relieve anxiety or overexcitement for both you and your pet. Learn how and why CBD & CBG may help you socialize your dog and bring about calm for everyone.

How CBG and Our Other Quality Ingredients Work for Your Dog’s Socialization


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid that interacts with the natural endocannabinoids inside the body. It helps to produce and prolong a sense of calm and can offer a range of therapeutic benefits, such as stress management.

With its fast absorption effect and non-psychoactive qualities, your dog could experience a calming effect during any social situation. Our Mushroom & Hemp Soft Chews, for example, include CBD, and are great for pets that experience anxiousness, or need a sense of calm for unexpected guests.


Cannabigerol (CBG) works together with CBD to maintain balance for your dog’s ECS. CBG can promote a sense of relaxation and mental alertness without drowsiness. It also supports urinary tract health and bladder dysfunction, which could be ideal for those surprise bathroom breaks we mentioned earlier.

Our Organic Hemp Oil is an ideal product if your dog needs socialization without stress. With ingredients organically grown in Vermont, our CBG oil may be key to supporting digestive & urinary health and enhanced brain function. This oil comes with marked droppers and clear instructions to make dosing easy for all pets.

Functional Mushrooms

Our chews also include functional mushrooms. They work in tandem with CBD, which helps support normal hormone balance to bring about a sense of calmness and emotional balance—ideal for any dog entering an unfamiliar social situation.


Finally, we also use Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) in our chews. Known as “Indian Ginseng” for its staple use in the Ayurvedic tradition of India, it is a functional herb that helps regulate the body’s stress response, provides prolonged stamina, and helps to manage overall blood pressure.

Quality Ingredients for Quality Social Time

Each of these ingredients has been specially chosen for its ability to enhance your pet’s health and happiness. These ingredients are all key components in helping your dog experience a sense of calm in any social situation and work through one encounter at a time until they’re comfortable without needing oil and chews.

Daily Dosing to Help Your Dog’s Social Stress

Daily dosing is a key factor in encouraging the results you want for your dog. Allow one to two weeks to pass with daily dosing, and keep in mind that even if the need for oils and chews is no longer needed once your dog adjusts to being in social situations, a daily supplement regimen is still a great benefit to your dog. You can read more in our dosing blog here.

We recommend that your pet take 1-2 doses of CBD or CBG daily. That being said, all of the ingredients in Primal Pet products are non-toxic, so it is possible to gradually administer extra dosages when appropriate for your pet’s comfort.

Consider Using CBD and CBG to Help Socialize Your Dog

There are so many ways to socialize your dog, and we’re here to help. Without proper, regular socialization, your dogs could lose their ability to behave appropriately around other dogs and people. The next time you’re out on a walk, at the vet, or out with friends and their pets, try our Oils and Chews to help your dog keep calm and stay social!

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