Your Questions about Dosing CBG & CBD, Answered

Your Questions about Dosing CBG & CBD, Answered

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Learn why daily dosing of CBD & CBG supplements is best for your pet, if you can double dose, and more in our latest blog.

CBG and CBD supplements have been shown to balance your pet’s Endocannabinoid system (ECS) to encourage healthy appetite, sleep, digestion, and mood. Using CBG and CBD can help with a variety of conditions, what matters most is figuring out what works best for your pet.

There’s a big difference in results between one-time dosing and dosing daily. Before you return a CBG/CBD pet supplement for not working, and feel discouraged from trying them again, learn why giving daily dosing a try and waiting for real results works.

How Does CBD Dosing Work For Dogs?

When your pet’s ECS is in balance, you’ll notice they’re easy to care for and happier in their day-to-day lives. When the ECS is out of balance, you might start to notice changes in your pet’s behavior, appetite and digestion, or energy levels — maybe some moodiness, digestion issues, or trouble sleeping. Imbalances in the ECS aren’t always as noticeable as bad digestion. The good news is that CBD and CBG supplements can benefit your pet in big ways by restoring their ECS balance. When your pets ECS is out of balance, that’s when it’s time to try CBD and CBG. You can learn what CBG and CBD are and what the difference is here.

CBD and CBG interact with the receptors in the ECS to help correct imbalances, supporting your pet’s overall health and making your job as a pet parent easier. The hemp plants we rely on for our supplements naturally create phytocannabinoids, like CBD and CBG, which specifically help with digestion, mood, and more. Adding CBD or CBG to your pet’s daily routine may help with ailments ranging from muscle and joint discomfort, decreased appetite, and desire to play.

Will a single dose of CBD or CBG work?

When considering how best to balance the ECS, we can draw a similar parallel to dehydration. If your pet’s body is chronically dehydrated and exhibiting symptoms like lethargy, mental fogginess, or dry, flaky skin, one single cup of water won’t be enough to replenish their body. The same concept applies to your pet’s ECS: one single dose of cannabinoids isn’t enough to replenish their endocannabinoid system.

Maybe your pet’s ECS has experienced more wear from aging or the inability to fully re-balance and rest. Imagine if you hadn’t had a chance to recharge after a stressful week of work or went a long time without a vacation. Your body may need more time to recover, and the same goes for your pet. One dose (or vacation) may not do it, so we recommend giving your pet plenty of time with daily dosing and a chance to balance their ECS again. Sometimes, one time just isn’t enough.

Is it worth buying if you're not going to daily dose?

Anything helps and is worth trying in our opinion. Your pet may have a positive, immediate reaction to trying pet supplements that assure you relief is possible right away. You may find that one supplement works better than another for pinpointing a specific issue. It’s about complete care for your pet and improving their quality of life however you’re able.

One-off dosing may also only be necessary during that next vet visit or fireworks show. If you know that a supplement works well for one-time use, why not keep it around for when it’s needed? If you’re not sure which supplement may work best for your pet, read our blog about it here.

When to double dose pet CBD/CBG?

In general, it’s recommended that your pet take 1-2 doses of CBD or CBG per day. If daily dosing a single recommended amount of CBG or CBD hasn’t yielded the results you’d like to see, though, what about double dosing?

Cannabinoid supplements have a wide safety margin, so it’s completely safe to double your pet’s daily dose in situations of need. CBD doesn’t interact with receptors in the brainstem or your pet’s respiration system. That being said, dogs’ bodies can only absorb so much CBD, so giving them too much at a certain point would actually be a waste. Double dosing may be the solution you need to reach that full-absorption and see results to bring your pet’s ECS back into balance.

Offering your pet a double dose in one serving depends on your pet’s age, concerns, and background. All of the ingredients in Primal products are non-toxic, so it is possible to gradually administer extra dosages when appropriate for your pet’s comfort or health. Remember to read all packaging before administering a dose of any pet supplement to your dog or cat.

Daily Dosing is Best

Daily dosing is what will allow your pet’s ECS a chance to come back into balance and start driving the results you want to see forward. If your pet experiences relief after a single dose, that’s great news! If you don’t see the results you want immediately, be patient.

We recommend daily dosing for 2-4 weeks before calling it quits! This gives your pet’s body a chance to adjust and start showing real changes that you and your pet will notice. Ready to try something new? Find Primal Supplements at a retailer near you.

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