Daily Cannabinoid Supplementation

Daily Cannabinoid Supplementation

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As with many things in our pets' lives, consistency is key. Daily cannabinoid supplementation can encourage a more robust ECS, helping to keep your furry friend's body in balance.

Have you been hesitant to try cannabinoid products again after event-focused dosing left much to be desired? Have you been deterred from purchasing under the impression that you’d only use it a few times per year? Like many things in our pet’s world, consistency is key.

Our pet’s endocannabinoid system (ECS)  may be affected by numerous acute and chronic stressors—their environment, improper diet, veterinary visits, holiday seasons, etc.—which all have an impact on their body’s overall balance. Continuous wear and tear of the ECS may hinder one single dose of cannabinoids from effectively doing their job. Repeated dosing encourages a consistently more robust ECS overall bringing homeostasis and balance back to your pets body. Current evidence suggests that continuous, daily cannabinoid support may be more effective than singular doses and that the full benefit of cannabinoid supplementation may not be realized until up to 2 to 4 weeks of daily supplementation. We recommend daily use of consistent doses to help bring the ECS back into balance.

If you’re starting to connect the dots in regard to why cannabinoid products may have not worked well for your pet in the past, let’s draw a similar parallel to dehydration. If a pet’s body (or yours!) is chronically dehydrated and exhibiting symptoms like lethargy, mental fogginess, or dry, flaky skin, one single cup of water isn’t enough to replenish the body, just as one single dose of cannabinoids isn’t enough to replenish the endocannabinoid system.

Here at Primal, our goal has always been to make wholesome incorporations into your pet’s diet easier than ever. Color-coordinated, species-specific, size-dependent dosing available in both oils and chews makes daily cannabinoid supplementation feasible for even the busiest pet parent.