Should I Give My Pet CBD or CBG?

Should I Give My Pet CBD or CBG?

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When it comes to picking a health supplement for your pet, is CBD or CBG the better option for them? The best way to select the right health supplement for your pet is to understand your pet's needs and how CBD & CBG individually offer support. Read more on our blog:

Selecting the best health supplement for your pet’s wellness can get overwhelming. Understanding your pet’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and how hemp products like CBD & CBG can support it is the first step when selecting the health supplement to fit your pet’s needs. Once you’ve chosen a health supplement, daily supplementation is key for best results.

CBD & CBG: Key Differences 

At Primal, we have two distinct lines of hemp supplements: CBD & CBG. They can be used individually or layered together to support each pet’s unique needs. Like more than 100 cannabinoids, both CBD & CBG are compounds found in the cannabis plant. While CBD & CBG have many similarities, including numerous overlapping benefits, they differ in their formation, availability, and molecular makeup. For more information on CBD & CBG’s differences, check out our previous blog on how these different compounds interact with your pets’ systems.

Which Health Supplement Do I Choose?

CBD & CBG are phytocannabinoids that interact with the natural endocannabinoids inside the body to produce and prolong a sense of calm. Because CBD & CBG offer unique benefits, one supplement may be better suited for one pet than the other. Since CBD & CBG can be layered to address multiple concerns, a plan utilizing both CBD & CBG may be the key to achieving the desired results.  However, if your pet is on other medications, make sure to consult with your veterinarian about any possible interactions

CBD: A Familiar Option for a Calming Effect

CBD is the more well-known of the two cannabinoids used by Primal. CBD soft chews support healthy immune system function and are also a great option for anxious pets or pets about to experience a stressful event. Our Mushroom & Hemp Soft Chews with CBD is fast-acting, which can be great to promote calming in quick-need situations.

CBG: A Non-Drowsy Choice for Wellness Support

While CBG has become more popular recently, its uses and benefits are generally less familiar to pet parents. CBG oil supports urinary tract health, bladder control, and appetite. CBG is a great choice for senior pets & active pets, as it does not cause drowsiness. 

CBD & CBG Comparison Chart

CBD vs. CBG: Appropriate Selection

Both CBD & CBG are safe and effective choices for pets. You can utilize the above chart to help you determine which of the two cannabinoids may best address your pet’s needs. However, do remember that both CBG & CBD may assist the same pet for different reasons! For example, an active pet may benefit from CBG, due to its non-drowsy & appetite-supporting properties. But that same pet could also benefit from a CBD supplement if guests come over to their home that night. Layering CBD & CBG can be appropriate and beneficial!

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